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Pet Food Poisoning

We Treat Pet Food Poisoning

Our family pets are a lot like new babies and toddlers exploring the world. They will often get into things they shouldn’t. This doesn’t only apply to playful chewing of the furniture or sniffing the garbage can. It applies to something more frightening, like a dog or cat eating a food they shouldn’t have. Maybe a medication of yours fell on the floor by accident and they grabbed it before you could. Whatever the object, they’ve now contracted pet food poisoning, a condition that requires emergency treatment. If you’re in the Westchester or Rockland Counties, you can visit any of our two Veterinary Emergency Group locations. Our White Plains and Nanuet facilities are open every night, weekend, and holiday of the year. On weekends, we provide 24-hour emergency care. So, the next time you’re dealing with pet food poisoning, come and see us at the Veterinary Emergency Group. We are here and ready for you.

What is Considered to be Food Poisoning

At the Veterinary Emergency Group, pet food poisoning is under the second category of emergencies called toxicities. It falls between trauma and chronic disease complications on our emergency care categories, but in no way does this make your pet less of a priority.

Toxicities involve a pet having eaten something poisonous, either a food (such as chocolate in some dogs) or a substance. Toxicities also include those objects that have gotten into your furry friend’s mouths, but can’t be digested, or it’s stuck in the digestive tract.

More often than not at the Veterinary Emergency Group, we see pets come in that have either eaten too much of their own medications or their owner’s. The latter is considered toxic to them. We’ve seen many pets come in having ingested the following medications:

The next time your family pet needs emergency care, contact either our Westchester or Rockland County locations. You can reach our White Plains facility at 914-949-8779 or our Nanuet facility at 845-536-5645.