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your pet can't tell you if it's an emergency, but VEG can

Avoid the guessing game and don’t delay. From accident wounds to vomiting to complex surgeries, VEG is the emergency veterinary hospital to take any kind of pet—even exotics—for any pet emergency.

Why Choose VEG customer-focused veterinary emergency care

Call Us 24/7

Call Us 24/7

Pet emergencies shouldn’t be put on hold. Call and speak with a veterinarian to get your medical questions answered.

See a Vet Now

See a Vet Now

No appointment needed, come in 24/7. Emergency vet care starts the moment you walk in the door.

Stay Together

Stay Together

No waiting and wondering in a lobby. Stay with your pet the entire time and get as involved as you like in their care.

Stress Less

Stress Less

At VEG, we make a scary situation less stressful. We sit on the floor with your pet, or wherever they’re most comfortable.

Hospital Row

Call & Speak with a veterinarian Open 24/7,  Even Holidays!


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A radically different approach to emergency

A radically different approach to emergency

Veterinary emergency care is not just our specialty, it’s all we do. We handle challenging cases day and night, and seamlessly give pet parents the peace of mind they deserve.

At VEG, we keep things completely transparent, from our fully open and immersive hospital environment to our focus on the customer. You see life-saving heroics as they happen, and can participate in your pet’s care as much as you want.

It’s an elevated animal ER experience that works for people and their pets.

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What To Expect At Veg

what to expect at VEG

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