Top 5 Common Pet Emergencies in Alpharetta, GA

If you live in Alpharetta, Georgia and own a pet, you are probably already aware of some of the risks and dangerous associated with pet ownership in this area. But did you know there are some pet emergencies that are more common than others in your location?

Common pet emergencies in Alpharetta, GA

Below, you’ll find information on some of the most common pet emergencies you should be on the lookout for as a pet owner in and around Alpharetta, GA.


Heatstroke is a very common and potentially fatal condition that is more common in pets who live in warmer southern climates. You should never leave your pet unattended in a vehicle for any length of time, even if you think it’s only going to be a few minutes. Doing so can significantly increase your pet’s risk of heatstroke.

Heatstroke can cause excessive drooling, lethargy, weakness, unconsciousness, seizures, blood clotting disorders and death. It doesn’t take long for the condition to progress to its fatal stage, so if you suspect your pet does have heatstroke, contact an emergency vet in Alpharetta, GA right away.

Vehicle Trauma

Sadly, vehicle trauma is one of the most common emergencies for pets in Alpharetta. If your pet is left outdoors unattended for any period of time, there is a risk of your furry friend running into the road and in front of oncoming traffic. This can even happen if your pet is leashed or kept indoors, however, especially if you have a pet who tries to run away often.

If your pet is injured by a vehicle, contact the emergency vet right away. Ask another adult to help you transport your injured pet to the emergency vet without moving your pet any more than is necessary. It is common that even the nicest pets can bite when in pain, so use caution with transport.

Ingesting Toxic Plants

With the wide variety of plants that grow and thrive in this area, there’s a risk of your pet ingesting plants or parts of plants that may be toxic. This is also true of houseplants, so even pets who are kept indoors may be at a greater risk of this potential pet emergency.

If your pet eats part of a plant that you’re unsure about or a plant you know is toxic, don’t wait. Call the emergency vet right away so your pet can be treated appropriately. This will give your pet the best chance at recovery from this situation.

Bites and Stings

Since many insects and snakes live in and around the Alpharetta area, there is an increased risk of bites and stings in pets that live here too. Pets may be more likely to be injured by scorpions and spiders, wasps and hornets, and other stinging or biting insects when they live in this area.

Snakes are also prevalent here, and snake bites can be very serious if they come from a venomous snake, such as a rattlesnake bite. If you can see the snake that has bitten your pet, try to observe it enough to tell the vet, or even take a picture. If not, however, don’t go looking for it, and never try to catch it.

Attacks from Other Animals

There are many pet owners in the Alpharetta area, and this means there are a lot of pets too. Sometimes, these pets may get into fights with each other, and this can cause serious injury when it occurs.

Additionally, there are many wild animals that live in and around this area, and pets who spend time outdoors are always at risk for being attacked by a wild animal. If your pet is bitten or scratched by a wild animal, it’s important to go to the vet right away, even if your pet seems fine. There could be a risk of rabies in any unvaccinated pet.

Call VEG for Any and All Common Pet Emergencies in Alpharetta, GA

These common pet emergencies are certainly not only restricted to Georgia—and they’re not the only potential problems you may encounter with your pet, either. However, they can give you a good starting point when it comes to better understanding how to be a responsible pet owner where you live.

By taking the time to familiarize yourself with these potential risks, you’ll learn more about how to take care of your pet and ensure your furry family member can remain with you for a long time to come.

VEG is opening a new location in Alpharetta in June, with a team of highly skilled and compassionate emergency vets and staff who will be here for you and your pet for any emergency situation. When you call our emergency animal hospital, you’ll always speak directly with an experienced emergency vet who will be able to provide guidance on next steps to help your pet. With over 20 locations around the country, and growing, we’re honored and look forward to being your partner in your pet’s care. 

Amanda Stevens
Medical Director, VEG Alpharetta

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