6 Common Pet Emergencies in Fort Worth, TX

If you are a pet owner in Fort Worth, Texas, you are probably aware that this region has some potential risks to you and your pet that may not be present everywhere. Of course, some common pet emergencies remain consistent throughout the United States and even around the world, but others may vary depending on where you live.

Common pet emergencies in Fort Worth, TX

By keeping track of the common pet emergencies in Fort Worth, you’ll be able to be more prepared in case something goes wrong with your pet. You’ll learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of these issues before they get out of hand, and you’ll know what to do and when to reach out to an emergency vet in Fort Worth, TX, as well.

Most Common Pet Emergencies in Fort Worth, TX

In this article, we’ll discuss six of the most common pet emergencies that may arise for pet owners in Fort Worth. Read through this list and consider whether or not these problems could potentially pertain to your pet in the future (as most of them probably can).

Then take some time to think about how you will respond if something does happen.

Bites from Other Animals

If your pet has been bitten by another animal and is bleeding significantly, this could be an emergency. Pets may suffer a great deal if the bleeding from a bite wound cannot be handled in a timely manner, but many pet owners do not know how to do this.

In some cases, your pet may have been bitten by an animal that you did not see or by a pet belonging to another person. In these cases, you cannot be sure the animal does not have rabies or some other communicable disease, so this constitutes an emergency as well.

Struck by a Vehicle

Pets who are allowed outdoors without being watched or who escape from the home or yard may run into the road. If this happens, they risk being struck by a vehicle, which can cause broken bones, internal bleeding, organ damage, and death.

If your pet is struck by a vehicle, you will need to take her to an emergency vet in Fort Worth immediately.

Foreign Body or Toxic Substance Ingestion

Another common pet emergency is when your pet swallows a foreign body (such as a piece of a toy) or ingests a common poison (such as a cleaner or a houseplant). Pets may develop a bowel obstruction if they swallow a non-food item, which could lead to severe infection or even death if it isn’t treated right away.

Pets who eat a toxic substance may become poisoned. If this happens, the emergency situation will become far worse very quickly.

Eye Injury

Another situation that’s considered a common pet emergency is when your pet suffers an eye injury. Pets may require emergency surgery to repair the damage, and in some cases, they may lose the eye.

The sooner you get your pet to the emergency vet after something like this, the better chance she will have at keeping and healing the injured eye.

Bitten by an Insect or Snake

If you see a visible snake or insect bite or sting on your pet, pay close attention to her behavior over the next few hours. If the bite or sting mark is accompanied by any concerning symptoms, such as facial swelling, trouble breathing, fever, or anxiety, take her to the emergency vet.

If you see the snake or insect that bites your pet, be ready to describe it to the vet. Do not try to capture it, as this may cause you to be bitten as well. There are many venomous snakes and insects that live in Texas, and your vet in Fort Worth will be prepared to treat your pet for bites from any of them.


Heatstroke is a common problem in Texas, particularly in the summer months. Pay attention to the signs and symptoms of heatstroke in pets and be ready to respond as quickly as possible if you notice them in your pet.

Early symptoms include panting and drooling more than is normal and lethargy. Pets may also become unable to rouse as the problem progresses.

How to Help

While you contact the emergency vet, wrap your pet’s feet in cool cloths to help her cool down, and place her in front of a fan or air conditioner if possible.

VEG Can Help With All Common Pet Emergencies in Fort Worth, TX

With this information, you can be more prepared in the event of a problem with your pet. Some of these common pet emergencies (such as being struck by a vehicle or bitten by a snake) may not be relevant to all pets, especially if your pet lives indoors all the time.

However, they are still worth considering in the Fort Worth area, and it is still a good idea to recognize how to respond in case of all pet emergencies.

At VEG, our emergency vets are available 24 hours a day to provide care for all of the emergency situations listed above as well as any other ones that may occur. Your pet’s health is always our top priority, which is why we work on developing the best treatment so your pet can live a long and healthy life with you. We’re here to provide emergency veterinary care and advice for any pet that comes through our doors.


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