What You Need to Know about Dog Ear Infection

Dog Ear Infection

Do you have a dog? Have they ever had an ear infection? Do you know how to recognize ear infections in dogs and what to do about them when they occur? Ear infections are common problems in many dogs. As a pet owner, learning how to recognize and respond to canine ear infections can help…

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What are Dog Ear Mites?

Have you ever heard of ear mites? Has your dog been diagnosed with ear mites, or has your vet told you to be on the lookout for this potential problem in your pet? If any of this sounds like your situation, then you’re probably wondering what ear mites really are. In the article below, we’ll…

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What to do if Your Dog is Choking

A choking dog is a scary situation for any pet owner to deal with. Dogs are almost always able to cough up bits of food or foreign material that get lodged temporarily in the throat, therefore it is rare (but possible), for a dog to become seriously choked on an object or food item. Below,…

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6 Signs of a Dog in Labor

Signs Dog In Labor

Do you have a pregnant dog? Do you know how to tell when she goes into labor? Gestation in dogs lasts 63 days. If your dog is expecting a litter of puppies, you need to know how to recognize the signs of labor in dogs. Read through the article below to learn more about the…

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Why is My Dog Having a Hard Time Balancing?

Do you have a dog who has been having difficulty staying balanced lately? Are you concerned about what might be causing this symptom in your pet? Is there anything you can do about it? There are many potential underlying causes of loss of balance in dogs. In the article below, we’ll help you learn more…

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Common Pet Emergencies in Chandler, AZ

Pet emergencies can take many forms. From illness to injury, there are a variety of reasons your pet may need emergency veterinary care. Below is a brief overview of some of the common pet emergencies seen in Chandler, AZ and the surrounding area. If you are ready to learn some more, you need to keep…

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