Heat Stroke in Dogs: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Dog Heatstroke Article

With the mid-summer heat waves reaching new extremes, the risk of heat stroke in dogs is on the rise. Heat stroke is defined as a body temperature exceeding 105.8F, and is due to an inability to effectively dissipate heat. There are 3 main types of dog heat stroke: the first is what we think of…

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What You Should Do If Your Dog Breaks a Bone

Dog Broken Bone Article

Your dog is a part of your family, and you don’t want anything to ever happen to her. Unfortunately, illness and injury can occur in dogs just like it can in humans, even when you are very careful with your furry friend. Broken bones are just one of the many problems that can afflict dogs,…

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Blood in Dog Stool


Have you ever noticed blood in your dog’s stool? Did it alarm you? Does it happen a lot? Sometimes, blood in your dog’s stool is nothing to be worried about, and it’s the result of a simple problem that will get better on its own in just a few days. However, in other instances, there…

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Common Poisons for Dogs: Foods, Plants and More

Sick Cat

If your dog is the type who likes to get into just about every corner of the house, you may be all too familiar with the common household items that are toxic to dogs. Even if you feel like you already know them all, however, it’s always a good idea to brush up on the…

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Dog Constipation: Why Your Dog Can’t Poop


Is your dog constipated? Do you suspect that he might be? Have you noticed him straining or not pooping quite as often as is normal for him? Constipation is a common issue in dogs, and most of the time, it’s something that your pet can recover from fairly quickly on his own. However, in some…

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Dog Seizures: Symptoms and What You Can Do


If you’ve ever seen a dog having a seizure, you were probably very alarmed. When a dog has a seizure, he usually falls down on the floor and may hold his legs stretched straight out from his body. He might also paddle his legs, depending on the situation, and he could run around in a…

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Dog Vomiting: Does it Warrant a Trip to the Emergency Vet?


It’s not a pleasant subject, but dog vomiting is something that virtually every pet parent has to deal with. You know how it goes–either you’re walking into the kitchen and you—squish–step in a puddle of partially digested food, or your dog starts heaving in the middle of the night, startling you from sleep. Regardless of…

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