Common Pet Emergencies Charlotte Nc

Common Pet Emergencies in Charlotte, NC

Dr. Ashley Gray

Aug 22, 2022

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If you live in Charlotte, North Carolina or any of the surrounding areas and you are a pet owner, it’s important to learn everything you can about potential risks and hazards for your pet. The Charlotte area is home to many pets, but also to many common pet emergencies.

In the article below, we’ll dive deeper and help you learn more about the most common pet emergencies in Charlotte. You can use this information to prepare your pet and take the necessary steps to protect her from emergencies whenever possible.

Vehicle Injury

Charlotte is a busy city in North Carolina, and as such, it is home to a lot of vehicles as well as pets. Unfortunately, these two come into contact with each other more often than they should. If your pet is struck by a vehicle, treat this as an emergency situation, even if she shows no outward symptoms of injury.

Some internal injuries may be easy for pets to hide until they become very dangerous. On the other hand, some pets may simply be so good at hiding their pain that you cannot tell just how badly they are hurt until it is too late.

Animal Attacks

With many pets calling the Charlotte area home, it is possible that your pet may get into a fight with another animal in your area. If this happens and you do not have access to the other animal’s health records, go the emergency vet for proper treatment right away.

If your pet is attacked by a stray or wild animal—which is not uncommon in the Charlotte area, either—head to the emergency vet immediately. This way, the vet can treat your pet appropriately to reduce the risk of infection, disease, and lasting injury.

Insect and Snake Bites and Stings

In the Charlotte area, it is common for pets to come into contact with a variety of insects as well as snakes. Many of these are harmless or may simply cause slight pain if your pet is bitten. However, in some instances, insects and snakes may be venomous and could be deadly. If your pet is bitten or stung by a venomous creature, go to the emergency vet immediately.

Additionally, go to the emergency vet if any bite or sting causes your pet to show signs of anaphylaxis. These signs may include a swollen face or snout, hives, redness, GI upset, and/or difficulty breathing.

Ingestion of Toxic Substances

Toxic substances are common in the Charlotte area, and your pet may potentially come into contact with many throughout his/her life. These substances may include harmful foods and plants as well as chemicals such as antifreeze. If your pet ingests any of these toxic substances, he/she may be at risk of poisoning.

If you know or suspect that your pet has consumed something toxic, do not wait—take him/her to the emergency vet immediately and let the vet know what your pet may have eaten. The sooner he/she is treated for poisoning, the better off the situation will be. We also may advise you to call ASPCA Animal Poison Control as well.

Ingestion of Foreign Objects

Pets who are prone to eating objects that they should not, or pets who play with sticks and toys often, may be at risk of ingesting foreign objects. If your pet swallows an object other than food, it may become lodged in the digestive system and cause a serious intestinal blockage that could become fatal.

On the other hand, if your pet tries to eat a foreign object and gets the item lodged in his/her throat, it could block the airways. In either of these situations, your pet should be seen by an emergency vet right away to remove the object.


During certain times of the year, the weather can turn quite hot in Charlotte. At these times, it is important to provide lots of shade, cool drinking water, and air conditioning for your pet whenever possible. Additionally, you should never leave your pet alone in a vehicle on a hot or mild day.

Heatstroke can start with mild symptoms, such as excessive panting and drooling. However, it quickly gets out of hand and can turn fatal in a short amount of time without the proper response.

Bring Your Pet to VEG for any Common Emergency in Charlotte, NC

With the help of this guide, you should have a better idea of which emergencies to be on the lookout for in your area. Although this list does not cover all of the potential pet emergencies in and around Charlotte, it can help you get started protecting your pet from risks.

Be sure you locate a quality emergency vet in your area before any of these situations occurs. With the help of a good emergency vet, you can respond quickly and efficiently to pet emergencies and help your pet have the best possible chance at surviving, too.

VEG is opening a location in the South Park area of Charlotte and will be available 7 days a week to care for any and all common pet emergencies. Our team at VEG specializes in emergency care, so your pet will always receive the help they need, when they need it most. Your pet’s health is extremely important to us, and we look forward to being your trusted emergency vet.