Common Pet Emergencies in Houston, TX

Dr. Natalie Lang

Oct 27, 2022

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Pet emergencies are never enjoyable for pet owners, and some of the most common issues that pets suffer from can be prevented if owners are better educated about pet care. There are various common pet emergencies that take place in the Houston, TX, area, and being aware of the most common ones can help you to avoid having to take your pet to the vet for these needs.

If you know more about the kinds of common issues that lead to pets visiting the emergency vet, you can save yourself the stress and the vet bills that are associated with these visits. Vet clinics also sometimes struggle to keep up with emergency demands, so knowing how to keep your pets safe can help alleviate the high case load vets are facing in order to better serve the community. If you are ready to learn some more about the common pet emergencies that come up in Houston, TX, please keep reading.

Pet Emergencies that are Most Common in Houston

Listed below are the pet emergencies that are most common in this area:

Open Wounds

Open wounds can happen for a variety of reasons, and these are not always preventable problems. However, having your pets exposed to sharp objects like broken fencing, metal items in the yard, or even exposing dogs to conditions that can lead to fighting can all be common underlying causes of open wounds that need emergency care. Protecting your pet from these hazardous situations is important for avoiding a visit to the emergency vet.

Farming and agricultural locations are often the most likely to expose animals to these kinds of risks, but keeping dogs away from farming equipment and preventing access to sharp or dangerous items can help greatly in reducing the chance that your pet will get a severe wound during emergency hours for your local vet.

Broken Bones

Just like open wounds, broken bones are often the result of animals being allowed access to areas that are not safe for them to be in. Preventing dog fights and access to the road can also greatly improve the chances that your pet will not need to see the emergency vet for a broken bone. Car accidents are one of the leading causes of broken bones and more significant injuries in pets of all kinds, so keeping your pet indoors can make a big difference in this risk. Nighttime is the most dangerous time for animals that live outside since they are not as visible on the road as they would be during the day.

Remember to consider the potential risks to your pets in both indoor and outdoor environments. Being sure that your pets are not being exposed to unnecessary risks can help prevent broken bones in most cases.

Bee Stings

This is one of the emergency visits that is less simple to avoid. Bees can be anywhere during the warmer months of the year, and dogs and cats can be stung by them readily during the summer months. Do make sure that you discourage your dog from trying to bite at bees and flying insects, as this is one of the most common reasons for severe swelling associated with bee stings.

For pets that have been stung by more than one bee, a visit to the emergency vet might be essential to save their life. Bee stings in great numbers can lead to anaphylaxis and even death, so you should not ignore a situation where your pet has been stung many times over. Bee stings can be a simple case of swelling to the area that has been stung or a serious and life-threatening situation if your pet has a negative reaction to the bee stings they have received.


Poisoning is one of the most common reasons that pets visit the emergency vet in Texas. When you have poisons around for killing rodents, or a garage or shop space that might have substances like antifreeze in them, you need to be sure that your pets cannot get into these items. If you think that your pet has eaten a poisonous substance, you need to take them to the vet right away, even if they are not showing signs of illness. The sooner that poison is removed from the body, the better off your pet will be.

Poisoning can be very serious and can escalate from mild symptoms to life-threatening ones rapidly. While it is not possible to prevent every instance of exposure that your pet might suffer, you can keep your animals away from toxic substances in the home or on the property by putting them up high or in a cabinet where your animals cannot access them.

Call Our Team at Veg For All Common Pet Emergencies in Houston, TX

These common emergency vet visits in Houston can often be avoided if you take the time to keep your pets away from dangerous chemicals and out of areas that might cause them harm. Keeping your property clean and free from debris and keeping your pets inside at night can help to reduce the chances that you will need to visit the emergency vet to save your pet’s life. 

If you do encounter any of these emergencies, or any others, be sure to take your pet to the emergency vet for treatment right away. The sooner you respond, the more likely your pet will be to make a recovery.

VEG is opening a location in Houston and will be available 7 days a week to care for any and all common pet emergencies. Our team at VEG specialize in emergency care, so your pet will always receive the help they need, when they need it most. Your pet’s health is extremely important to us, and we look forward to being your trusted emergency vet.