Common Pet Emergencies in Miami, FL

Miami is a huge and busy city, and it is prone to a variety of issues and risks that could affect your pet. As a pet owner in Miami and the surrounding areas, you should be aware of potential pet emergencies you may have to deal with in this region.

Below, you’ll find a quick but thorough list of some of the most common pet emergencies in and around Miami. You can use this information to prepare yourself and your pet for potential problems, and you can also use it to recognize when you may need to see an emergency vet, too.

common pet emergencies miami fl


Heatstroke is one of the most common potential pet emergencies in Miami. Pets who are allowed to spend time outdoors on very hot or humid days, as well as pets who play, hike, participate in sports, or otherwise overexert themselves may be at risk. Breeds that have short noses such as French Bulldogs, English Bulldogs, and Pugs can be at an even greater risk.

Since it stays hot in Miami most of the time, it’s important to always provide your pet with a cool place to relax and fresh, clean water to drink. Never leave your pet unattended in a vehicle for any length of time in Miami. Even if your pet is in the car with the AC on make sure you take breaks during long drives to give your pet water and make sure they are not getting too hot.

Poisonous Toads

Dogs and cats love to chase after anything that moves. Miami is full of poisonous toads that when licked or bitten by pets can cause life threatening neurological changes, seizures, and organ failure. If your pet comes in contact with a toad or frog, gently wipe your pet’s mouth to remove as much toxin as possible and head directly to the closest emergency hospital.

Animal Attack

Many pets call Miami home, and it is also home to many stray animals. If your pet comes into contact with another pet or a stray, she could be attacked and injured. A pet who is injured by another animal should be seen by an emergency vet as soon as possible to rule out any disease transmission or serious injury.

Keep in mind, too, that Florida features a lot of wildlife that can be harmful to pets. Snakes are one such possibility, wild boars, and—of course—so are alligators. Although it may sound strange to some, there is always a risk when it comes to pets and Florida wildlife.

Insect Bites and Stings

Florida is home to a vast number of dangerous insects that can cause painful bites or stings. Many of these insects are venomous, and they may be extremely dangerous to animals for this reason. These insect bites can also cause life threatening allergic reactions in our pets.

A pet who is bitten or stung by a venomous insect or spider or develops an allergic reaction to an insect bite should be seen by a veterinarian right away. Signs of allergic reactions in pets include swelling of the face and neck, hives, vomiting, diarrhea or collapsing.


Poisoning can occur any time a pet ingests something toxic. In and around the home, pets have access to a wide range of toxic substances. It is possible that your pet could consume substances like antifreeze, dangerous houseplants, chemical cleaners, or even human foods or medications  that are harmful to animals.

If your pet ingests a toxic substance or if you think they may have been exposed please have your pet evaluated by a veterinarian right away. Prompt treatment can help pets recover from most types of poisoning and get back on their feet in a short amount of time.

Vehicle Trauma

With so many people and vehicles in Miami, it is unfortunately very possible for pets to be injured by a vehicle. If your pet is allowed to roam outdoors, vehicle injury is an even more significant risk. However, even indoor pets may be at risk if they manage to escape the home or during a walk.

If your pet is struck by a vehicle, take them to the emergency vet immediately, even if they do not show any serious signs of being hurt. They may be hiding their pain, and could have internal damage or bleeding that needs to be addressed.

Call VEG For All and Any Common Pet Emergencies in Miami, FL

This list does not cover every possible emergency you may face with your pet in Miami, but it can help you get started preparing. Keep this information in mind to help you respond quickly and efficiently if your pet does experience an emergency. Before any emergencies take place, it’s a good idea to locate a quality emergency vet in your area. There are many emergency vets to choose from in Miami, so take your time looking for a good solution near you.

VEG is opening a new location in Miami, with a team of compassionate emergency vets and staff who will be here for you and your pet for any emergency situation. When you call our emergency animal hospital, you’ll always speak directly with an experienced emergency vet who will be able to provide guidance on next steps to help your pet. With many locations around the country, and growing, we’re honored and look forward to being your partner in your pet’s care. 


Dr. Valentina Henao Medical Director, Miami

University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine

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