VEG’s EET Program: What Sets It Apart

Hello everyone! 

My name is Dr. DeLucci and I was one of last year’s EET program graduates.

The “EET” Program is VEG’s hands-on, emergency only 6 month intensive internship. I specifically chose this program for a few reasons.

EET program at VEG

Going to Cornell for veterinary school made me feel as if I was never “enough” because I did not want to specialize or go into a residency program. The idea of participating in a traditional year long internship was simply something I was not interested in for a variety of reasons. These reasons included:

  • The financial hit for an entire year
  • The uncertainty of the match program
  • Not being able to have control of my personal life and finally move in with my fiance after doing long distance for 4 years
  • Knowing I didn’t plan to proceed with a residency
  • Poor quality of life while in many of these programs

However, the thought of going into ER right out of school is unrealistic and overwhelming. This program was a breath of fresh air, and the support from my peers and senior doctors was unlike the experiences I heard from many of my friends in their programs. It was the perfect amount of mentorship coming out of school.

Overall What Did You Think About the EET Program at VEG?

Overall I thought the program was just what I wanted from an internship! Everything we did had a purpose. There was no just “holding the leg” for the surgeons, spending time on rotations that don’t pertain to our career, or having to stand by while the resident performs the procedure you wish you were doing. 

By the end of the program, I felt much more confident in my skill set and the medicine behind it all. At the end of 6 months, I know my friends in their more traditional, year-long internships were getting very burnt out, so I felt it was the perfect amount of time as well.

EET program intern performing an ultrasound on a dog

While we worked very hard, our well-being was always taken into consideration and our work-life balance was kept very fair, which is not true everywhere you go either. 

What Was the Highlight of VEG’s EET Program?

The highlight of the program for me was all of the variety of surgical cases I had and the hands-on experiences from the beginning. We were never pushed to perform outside of our comfort zone, and the program is designed to allow the senior doctor to be scrubbed in with you quite literally watching every suture throw and move you make.

Emergency vets helping a dog

I learned so much in such little time by taking all the surgical opportunities I could.

What Was the Most Challenging Part of the EET Program at VEG?

The most challenging part of it was learning how to run the floor and appropriate time management in a busy, ER only practice. That is most DEFINITELY not something they teach you in school and when it comes down to it, some people are just better at it than others. 

How Did VEG’s EET Program Prepare You for Emergency Medicine?

This program was specifically focused on emergency medicine only, so there was no extra “fluff”. Everything we do is emergency, which is the best part! 

Emergency vet intern in VEG's EET program

Who Was Your Mentor and How Helpful Was She/He in All Aspects of VEG’s EET Program?

Dr. Verna Serra was my mentor, and she is INCREDIBLE! Not only is she a brilliant and talented clinician, her and I just clicked from the very beginning on some of the more core aspects of who we are and what we believe in. We became fast friends outside of the workplace as well.

I still regularly call her for more challenging cases when I need an outside perspective and fresh head and she will always answer if she’s around no matter the time! Love you Verna.

What Do You Love Most About VEG?

What I love most about VEG is the team of doctors we have, particularly who I work with at White Plains (truly some of the hardest working, powerhouse clinicians and surgeons I know. I am so lucky to be surrounded by them daily).

VEG also gives us individuality to practice high quality medicine as we see fit. No idea is too big if we can figure out how to make it work. I never thought I would have a company not only pay for me to get trained on scopes, but then become proficient and have the ability to save numerous animals from surgery by scoping out their foreign body. 

Learn More About VEG’s EET Program

Interested in learning more about our EET program? Contact any of our VEG locations or visit our website for more details about the program and how it can benefit you.


Dr. Alyssa DeLucci DVM, VEG White Plains

Undergrad: Mercy College BS in Veterinary Technology with a specialization in Pre-Veterinary Medicine.
Vet School: Cornell University

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