Early Entry Track

Are you a recent graduate who is passionate about veterinary emergency medicine? Have you reconsidered doing a traditional rotating internship because it doesn’t seem to be the best fit? Early Entry Track (EET) could be the opportunity you’re looking for. EET is a hands-on, in-depth, 6-month emergency focused mentorship program that transitions into a full-time Emergency Doctor position with Veterinary Emergency Group. We host the program four times throughout the year with new classes starting in January, April, July and October. You are eligible to apply for any class that fits in best with your graduation date.

Salary & benefits


Paid 6-month emergency training


Practicing emergency doctor:
$100,000 + production

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Professional liability insurance (PLIT)


Medical, dental, and vision insurance


A matching
401(K) plan


Unlimited continuing education after graduating program

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Professional licensing fees, association membership fees, VIN account, and more

How Early Entry Track can boost your career

  • It’s not an internship—it’s a job
  • You’ll get to work right alongside highly skilled and experienced medical directors and emergency doctors on every shift
  • You’ll receive advanced training that will give you the clinical experience and confidence you need to succeed
  • We’ll teach you best practices for client-centered care and communication
eet learning opportunities

Learning opportunities

VEG will provide you with extensive CE training that includes:

  • Abdominal ultrasound courses
  • Hands-on cardiology experience
  • Core surgery procedures
  • Off-site imaging experience
  • Critical care experience
  • Daily case rounds
  • Journal club
  • Other CE allowance


Can you pick where you do EET?

Placements for EET is on a first come, first serve basis. However, you are able to rank your preferences on your application and we do our best to place you in one of your preferred locations.

What support do you get as an EET during shifts and throughout the program?

You are never left alone! You’re paired with a full-time VEG associate doctor on every shift, and you move onto pair practicing with a fellow EET during the last 1-2 months of the program. You will also be supervised by the Medical Director at the hospital that you’re training at and will have access to a chat network of VEG doctors that can help with any questions 24/7.

What is the typical shift schedule for new EET doctors?

The typical shift schedule is an average of 4 clinical shifts per week, and an average of 1 “on-call” shift per week for surgeries and endoscopies only. These shifts will include days, swings and nights. You are expected to be live on zoom once a week on Wednesday for school days, but you will never be scheduled for a Tuesday night shift or Wednesday shift, so that you can be fully present and refreshed for your school day.

Do I need to have experience in emergency care to be competitive for the program?

No, but we highly recommend that you do an externship before hiring!

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