The VEG Life

We’re dedicated to helping you succeed on both a professional and personal level. It’s not just about what you can do for us, but what we can do for you.

In the fast-paced veterinary industry, burnout is common. That’s why we look out for one another and take every opportunity to train, educate, inspire, and empower the talented individuals like you who choose to be a part of the VEG vision. We'll help you discover the capability and potential you never knew you had.

VEG Outings

All work and no play is simply not acceptable for VEGgies. We firmly believe that for a team to work together effectively, they also need to have fun together. Whether we're attending group workouts or enjoying excellent food and drinks at a local gastropub, everything we do brings us closer together not just as working professionals, but as a family.


Quarterly Outings

Summer BBQs

Annual Retreat

Continuing Education Outings

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