VEG Emergency Fellowship Program

You’re a highly skilled veterinarian with at least 18 months of clinic experience under your belt. You’re exceedingly enthusiastic and passionate about being a veterinarian, and have no intention of doing anything else. Still, you’re not fully satisfied with your career. You want to do more, and help more pets and people. You’re eager to be a part of something that challenges you to practice medicine in a unique and customer-focused way.

This is where the VEG Emergency Fellowship comes in.

The Emergency Fellowship is a training and mentorship program developed specifically for general practice veterinarians who want to make the switch into emergency medicine. It’s a 4-month program that combines emergency-focused didactic and clinical learning, and includes a largely self-driven curriculum, regular mentor meetings, and working alongside an experienced emergency doctor.

Why Choose the VEG Emergency Fellowship?

VEG offers non-emergency vets an immersive, fast-tracked program for becoming an outstanding emergency doctor. Throughout the 4-month program, you’ll be involved in all different types of emergency cases, will learn how to communicate effectively with clients and other veterinarians in an emergency setting, and perform the full suite of emergency surgeries. You will never be left alone on any of your shifts during the training period; you’ll be working alongside a VEG ER doctor on every single shift and will have the opportunity to learn new techniques from various doctors.

The VEG Emergency Fellowship program empowers veterinarians to take ownership of their training while being fully supported by knowledgeable emergency doctors. It offers a non-traditional path for non-emergency veterinarians who are eager to expand their skills, are curious, engaging and personable, and who have prior experience working in a high-volume clinic.

What the Emergency Fellowship Involves

Here is some of what you can expect when you participate in the training program:

  • You will work 3 shifts per week alongside an experienced ER doctor
  • You will attend weekly mentor meetings and a doctor journal club
  • You will complete a self-paced didactic curriculum
  • You will attend and participate in several continuing education experiences (fully paid for by VEG) related to emergency medicine, which will cover:
    • Core surgery procedure course
    • Ultrasound
    • Endoscopy
    • Avian and exotics course
    • CPR training
  • You will also attend certain conferences, depending on the time of year

What Happens After I Finish the Program?

Once you have completed your VEG Emergency Fellowship, you will immediately be rolled into our full-time doctor schedule and begin working solo shifts on the floor.

Ready to get started?

Still have questions?

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Anna Foster at [email protected].