Williamsburg, NY
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It’s our privilege to provide exceptional veterinary emergency medicine to the vibrant and growing community of Williamsburg when its pets and people need it most. Our team is always prepared for the unexpected and most of all, we’re prepared to help you and your beloved pet in any way we can. We sincerely hope that your pet never has a health emergency but if they do, our veterinarians and support staff are here for you.

We also have a location in South Brooklyn that is open 24 hours! They can be contacted at (718) 521-2799.

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Meet Our Veterinarians Here to serve you and your pet.

juan carlos aguilar ramos

Dr. Juan Carlos Aguilar Ramos

Dr. Thea Madill

Dr. Jaclyn Jacobson

wasi ashraf

Dr. Wasi Ashraf

“Dr. Ashraf was extremely helpful and patient. She showed a lot of love to my old boy and I really really appreciate it”

– Rosa A, Brooklyn, NY

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Emergency? Speak To a Vet Now.