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symptoms and treatment dog concussions

Symptoms and Treatments for Dog Concussions

cat seizure

What to do When a Cat is Having a Seizure

veg cares

VEG Cares – Saving pets lives every single day

veg expansion

VEG Talks Expansion Across the US

deaf dog

6 Tips When Caring for a Deaf Dog

dog dental emergencies

Dog Dental Emergencies – Signs and Symptoms

dog diabetes

How to Manage Your Dog’s Diabetes

cat heatstroke

Cat Heatstroke: How to Keep Your Pet Safe

anemia in dogs

Anemia in Dogs: Symptoms and Treatment 

dog's paw swollen

Why is My Dog’s Paw Swollen?


Top Dog Emergencies Across the US

common pet emergencies washington dc

Common Pet Emergencies in Washington DC

signs symptoms dog dimentia

Signs and Symptoms of Dog Dementia

cat not eating but acting normal

My Cat’s Not Eating Much but is Acting Normal, What’s Going On?


Common Pet Emergencies in Charlotte, NC

common pet emergencies boulder co

Common Pet Emergencies in Boulder, CO

common pet emergencies ashville

Common Pet Emergencies in Asheville, NC

Common pet emergencies in Shrewsbury, MA

6 Common Pet Emergencies in Shrewsbury, MA

dog park safety tips

Dog Park Safety Tips: How to Avoid an Emergency Situation from Happening

dilated pupils in cats

Are Dilated Pupils in Cats Something to Worry About?

bee sting on dog

6 Emergency Signs to Look Out for if Your Dog Was Stung by a Bee

cat nose is white

6 Emergency Reasons Why Your Cat’s Nose is White

Dog beach tips

7 Dog Beach Tips to Keep Your Canine Best Friend Safe

pet safety tip for a summer picnic

6 Safety Tips for a Summer Picnic with Your Pet 

Sunburn on dogs

Sunburn on Dogs: Can They Get Them and When is it an Emergency?

Common pet emergencies in Philadelphia, PA

Common Pet Emergencies in Philadelphia, PA: 6 Situations Pet Parents Should be Aware Of

common pet emergencies in cambridge

Top 5 Common Pet Emergencies in Cambridge, MA

Mosquito bites on dogs

Mosquito Bites on Dogs: Are They Dangerous?

Dog eats sand

Is it an Emergency When a Dog Eats Sand?

Dog coughing up blood

7 Reasons Why Your Dog is Coughing Up Blood

Sprained legs in dogs

6 Signs of a Sprained Leg in Dogs

Cat drinking a lot of water

My Cat is Drinking A Lot of Water, Should I be Concerned?

Parrot fever

Parrot Fever: What it is and When it’s an Emergency

Cat diarrhea and vomiting

Cat Diarrhea and Vomiting: Causes and When to Go to the Emergency Vet

Dog hiking

Dog Hiking: 6 Dangers to be Aware of and How to Avoid Them

Dog ate weed

My Dog Ate Weed, What Should I Do Now?

Symptoms of heart failure in dogs and cats

6 Symptoms of Heart Failure in Dogs and Cats

Can dogs drink beer

Can Dogs Drink Beer?

VEG Campus Ambassador

Get to Know VEG’s First Lead Campus Ambassador

Common pet emergencies in Edgewater, CO

Top 5 Most Common Pet Emergencies in Edgewater, CO

Fever in cats

6 Signs of Fever in Cats

Tips for a pet-friendly Super Bowl party

5 Tips for a Pet-Friendly Super Bowl Party

Dog foaming at the mouth

My Dog is Foaming at the Mouth, What Do I Do?

Poisonous plants for cats

Top 6 Poisonous Plants for Cats

Common pet emergencies in South Loop, IL

Common Pet Emergencies in South Loop, IL

Can dogs eat chocolate

Can Dogs Eat Chocolate?

Pet hazards to avoid going into the new year

6 Pet Hazards to Avoid as We Enter into a New Year

Winter pet safety tips

Top 5 Winter Pet Safety Tips Pet Parents Should Know

Cat panting

Cat Panting: Causes and When it’s an Emergency

Winter exotic pet emergencies

6 Winter Exotic Pet Emergencies Pet Parents Should Know About

Can dogs eat turkey

Can Dogs Eat Turkey?

Holiday travel pet safety tips

Holiday Travel Pet Safety Tips: 6 Things to Keep in Mind when Travelling with Your Pet During the Holiday Season

Dog ate plastic

My Dog Ate Plastic, What Do I Do?

Halloween pet safety tips

6 Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Fall season pet safety tips

6 Important Pet Safety Tips for the Fall Season

Common pet emergencies in Katy, TX

Most Common Pet Emergencies in Katy, TX

Pronoun pins at VEG

Pride at VEG: Dedication to Inclusion

Pale gums in dogs

Why Does My Dog Have Pale Gums?

Labor Day BBQ pet safety tips

7 Labor Day BBQ Pet Safety Tips

Common pet emergencies in Georgetown, DC

7 Common Pet Emergencies in Georgetown, DC

Back to school pet safety tips

Top 7 Back to School Safety Tips for Your Pet

Common pet emergencies in Williamsburg, NY

6 Common Pet Emergencies in Williamsburg, NY

Dog swollen stomach

Why Does My Dog Have a Swollen Stomach?

Dog eye is swollen

My Dog’s Eye is Swollen, What Do I Do?

Dehydration in dogs

Dehydration in Dogs: Symptoms and When to Seek Emergency Care

How increase in pet adoptions during the pandemic have impacted emergency vet industry

How Increases in Pet Adoptions During the Pandemic Have Impacted the Emergency Vet Industry

Human foods dogs shouldn't eat

Top 5 Human Foods Dogs Shouldn’t Eat

Lethargy in dogs

Lethargy in Dogs: When is it an Emergency?

Water safety tips for pets

Water Safety for Pets: Tips Every Pet Parent Should Know

Dog scared of fireworks

Dog Scared of Fireworks: How Can I Help?

VEG pride month t-shirts

Pride Month at VEG

5 things to consider emergency treatment for in pets

5 Things that Can Happen to Pets to Consider Emergency Treatment For

Potential hazards to be aware of when traveling with your pet in the summer

Safely Prepare for Family Summer Travel with Your Pet: Potential Hazards to be Aware of When Away from Home

Common pet emergencies in San Ramon, CA

Top 6 Common Pet Emergencies in San Ramon, CA

Common pet emergencies in Alpharetta, GA

Top 5 Common Pet Emergencies in Alpharetta, GA

5 things dogs ingest that require emergency care

5 Things Dogs Ingest That Require Emergency Care

Common pet emergencies in Chelsea, NY

Top 7 Common Pet Emergencies in Chelsea, NY

Veterinary jobs information

Veterinary Jobs: Common Questions and Answers, Salaries and More

Cat gagging

Cat Gagging: Causes and What to Do

Common puppy and kitten emergencies

Common Puppy and Kitten Emergencies New Pet Parents Should Know About

Tips to avoid common pet emergencies in the summer

6 Tips to Avoid Common Pet Emergencies in the Summer

Signs of dog heatstroke in Texas and Florida

6 Signs Your Dog Has Heatstroke in Texas and Florida

Common pet emergencies in Encinitas, CA

Top 6 Most Common Pet Emergencies in Encinitas, CA



Blood in dog urine

Blood in Dog Urine: Causes and What to Do

Emergency vet in Hollywood, FL

5 Things to Look for in a Hollywood, FL Emergency Vet

Avoid common pet hazards in the Spring

9 Ways to Prepare Your House and Yard to Avoid Common Pet Hazards in the Spring

Pet being treated for dog allergies

Dog Allergies: When Do They Need Emergency Care?

VEG emergency fellowship program

Propel Your Career with VEG’s New Emergency Fellowship Program

Pet being treated for dog wheezing

Why is My Dog Wheezing?

Signs that your exotic pet needs an emergency vet in Chicago, IL

Signs Your Exotic Pet Needs an Emergency Vet in Chicago, IL

Chocolate toxicity in dogs

Chocolate Toxicity in Dogs: Signs and What to Do

When to go to the emergency vet in Boston, MA

When to Go to the Emergency Vet in Boston, MA

Signs your pet needs an emergency vet in Denver, CO

6 Signs Your Pet Needs an Emergency Vet in Denver, CO

Samantha Gabree's journey to MD

Samantha Gabree: My Journey to MD

Introducing Shelby Baden to VEG

Introducing Shelby Baden

Common pet emergencies in Fort Worth, TX

6 Common Pet Emergencies in Fort Worth, TX

Common pet emergencies in Dallas, TX

Top 6 Most Common Pet Emergencies in Dallas, TX

Frostbite in dogs

6 Signs of Frostbite in Dogs

Holly berries are poisonous to dogs

Are Holly Berries Poisonous to Dogs?

Dog that won't drink water

Reasons Why Your Dog Won’t Drink Water

Veterinarian at VEG helping in a pet emergency

What to Do in a Pet Emergency

Tips to avoid needing an emergency vet during the holidays

7 Tips to Avoid Needing an Emergency Vet During the Holidays

Vets caring for common pet emergencies in Chicago, IL

Most Common Pet Emergencies in Chicago, IL

Dog limping suddenly

Why is My Dog Limping Suddenly?

Pet being treated for insect bite on a dog

What to Do with Insect Bites on a Dog

Pet suffering from allergic reaction in dogs

7 Signs of an Allergic Reaction in Dogs

VEG caring for a dog rattlesnake bite

What to Do if Your Dog Gets a Rattlesnake Bite

VEG location opening in Paramus, NJ

VEG Location Opening in Paramus, NJ

Vet treating guinea pig not pooping

Is Your Bunny or Guinea Pig Not Pooping?

EET program at VEG

VEG’s EET Program: What Sets It Apart

Pet suffering from dog heat stroke

Heat Stroke in Dogs: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Dog suffering from a broken bone

What You Should Do If Your Dog Breaks a Bone

emergency vet fellowship and training program

How to Know When to Take Your Cat to the Emergency Vet


Blood in Dog Stool


Common Poisons for Dogs: Foods, Plants and More


How to Choose an Emergency Vet in Paramus, NJ


Dog Constipation: Why Your Dog Can’t Poop


Dog Seizures: Symptoms and What You Can Do


Dog Vomiting: Does it Warrant a Trip to the Emergency Vet?


Top 8 Reasons to Visit the Emergency Vet