FAQ things to know before you go

Never self-diagnose your pet. Sometimes you just can’t tell if your pet is having a true emergency. But VEG can. Call us anytime and a veterinarian will answer your medical questions and determine if you should come in.

Yes! Come to Veterinary Emergency Group and we’ll triage urgent care for your pet immediately.

There’s a difference in the level of care that you’ll get at VEG. Clinics can only offer some services. At VEG, we have the latest equipment and technology to tackle urgent care and emergencies all under one roof.

When you take your pet to VEG, you’ll be seen by a veterinarian right away, even before filling out paperwork. We’ll even meet you at your car if you need help bringing in your pet. No waiting in the lobby; you stay with your pet the entire time, even if surgery is involved. And yes, we’re pet lovers, but we’re people-friendly too! We’ll openly discuss diagnosis and treatment options. And we always make sure the pet patient and pet parent are as comfortable as possible.

Yes, we’ll handle teeth emergencies, though standard dental care should be handled by your primary veterinarian.

VEG is skilled to handle emergency care for avians, reptiles, basically anything with fur, feathers, shells, and scales!

Call VEG. A veterinarian is always available, 24/7, to answer your medical questions.

Veterinary Emergency Group focuses solely on pet emergencies and urgent care. (After all, Emergency is our middle name!) Preventative care should be handled by your primary care veterinarian.

At VEG, we don’t take appointments, because we deal with emergencies. When the unexpected happens, call us or take your pet to the nearest VEG location for immediate care.

Veterinary Emergency Group is open all the time, 24/7, even on holidays to care for pet emergencies.

Though you can just walk in anytime, we recommend calling first so we’re familiar with the situation when you come in.

Call VEG ahead of time to let us know you need help. Pull up to our door and we’ll meet you at your car to provide assistance.

Yes, VEG provides compassionate end-of-life care for pets within a peaceful, private room.

VEG focuses on emergencies and urgent care for pets. Spaying and neutering is handled by your pet’s primary care veterinarian.

VEG offers payment plans through Scratch Pay and Care Credit. We will always provide estimates prior to medical care so that you are fully informed and able to make financial arrangements if necessary.

Bring it to VEG and we’ll help reconnect the lost pet with their family.

The best place to bring a stray is your local GP veterinarian, a shelter, or rehabilitation center. These places are best equipped to get the animal treated and back to their owner, if there is one. If these options are not available, VEG’s mission is helping people and their pets when they need us most, and that includes strays! If the stray animal you found needs emergency care, we’re here to help.

Hospital Row

Call & Speak with a veterinarian Open 24/7,  Even Holidays!