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Sit. Stay. Heal. 24/7 Pet Emergency Care

Emergency is all we do, so we do it best

We’re ready 24/7 to immediately triage and treat all kinds of pets. From accident wounds to vomiting to complex surgeries, you’ll see healing-focused heroics up close. Our fully transparent approach lets you be involved in your pet’s care and stay by their side the entire time.

Every minute at VEG, we expect the unexpected. We never know which species will come through our doors but we’re ready, with emergency doctors who are specially trained to treat every cute, quirky, slimy, scaly (yes, we’re talking to you, exotics!), extraordinary pets.

Walk in for:



High-quality critical care for when the unexpected happens.


Point-of-Care Ultrasound

Non-invasive, soft-tissue imaging with same-day results.


Urgent Care

For injuries or illnesses that simply cannot wait.



Performed on site to immediately diagnose fractures, stones, foreign ingestions, and more. 


Diagnostics + Testing

Done right in our hospital for less wait time and fast results. 


End-of-Life Care

Comfortable, compassionate care during the most difficult time.



A high-quality surgeon is on site for emergency operations.


Treatment + Hospitalization

Care starts right away; if your pet needs to stay overnight, you can too.

Hospital Cutout

Call & Speak with a doctor Open 24/7, Even Holidays!

Immediate Care for:

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Call & Speak with a doctor Open 24/7,  Even Holidays!