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Always Ready for Your Referrals

Always ready for your referrals

When you partner with VEG, you have an exceptional ER team who you can count on 24/7, even on holidays. A local VEG Medical Director will be your ally, collaborator, and sounding board that your practice can always depend on. Our doctors and nurses nurture the relationship. We’ll bring you in on cases, find out if there’s more we can do for you, and ensure your customers have the best emergency care experience.


Your patients are always yours

We don’t steal your customers. Emergency is all we do, so when care is complete, we send your patients back to you.


Working with us means more than great care

As part of the VEG family, you get extra benefits, such as staff discounts on care and opportunities for emergency training.


We find the best way to work with you

This is a partnership you can confidently rely on, whether it’s calling you when your patients come in, providing status updates along the way, or managing cases with your workflow in mind.


We collaborate with you on cases

You know your patients best, so your participation—from weighing in on treatment options to scrubbing in for surgery —is always welcome! Or, if you need guidance or support on a case, we’re just a phone call away.

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Man Holding Phone For Vet Examining Dog

We handle any kind of emergency, Anytime you need it

Emergency isn’t just our focus, it’s our specialty. Our full-service ER is open 24/7 to support our referring veterinary partners with a wide range of emergency services, including:


24-hour surgery capabilities

On site 24/7 for foreign body, GDV, pyometra, dystocia, and more.


24-hour endoscopy services

We’re trained and equipped for non-surgical procedures.


24-hour hospitalization

We’re equipped and able to handle even the most serious emergency cases.

Lab Services

In-house, comprehensive lab services

This includes CBC, chem, PT/PTT, blood gas analyzer, urinalysis/SediVue, cortisol, proBNP, and more.



Point-of-care ultrasound with same-day results. Speak to your VEG Medical Director for details.



Critical transfusions for dogs and cats, plus we’re building a reliable supply through our canine blood bank.

Exotic Care

Emergency and urgent care for exotics

From tails to scales, if it fits through the door, we’ll treat it!

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