Dr. Bethany Weinheimer

Bethany Weinheimer Lv

Bethany Weinheimer has been at VEG for two years as the West Coast area medical director. She loves being a vet because she’s able to help and save the lives of animals when no one else can. Her favorite part about VEG is that customers get to stay with their pets throughout their entire visit—which…

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Dr. Monica Sterk

Monica Sterk Lv

Monica Sterk is an area medical director in the Northeast region and has been at VEG for four years. As a vet, she loves being able to help sick animals in need and comfort their families. As a VEG vet, she loves how we keep people and their pets together! Monica lives in Nanuet with…

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Dr. Jonathan Grindley

Johnathan Grindley Lv

Jonathan Grindley has been a medical director at VEG for two and a half years. He loves how his job allows him to help creatures who can’t speak for themselves and support the human/animal bond. He loves how VEG is disrupting the industry and challenging the way we approach veterinary medicine and workplace culture. Jonathan…

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Dr. David Bessler

Dr Bessler Hoodie

Dr. David Bessler is the Founder and CEO of VEG. He’s also an emergency doctor who loves being a hero to people and their pets when they need it most. Beyond helping customers, his favorite thing about VEG is the fun everyone has when they’re together. He lives in White Plains, NY, with his family,…

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