Dana Finney

Dana Finney Lv

Dana Finney is an area hospital manager at VEG San Ramon and has been with VEG since early 2021. She loves transparency at VEG and how we keep owners and pets together, so people are involved in their pets’ care. She lives with her four pets: Dozer, the Boston Terrier, Tonka, the Bully, and her…

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Dr. Jason Dombrosky

Jason Dombrosky Lv

Jason Dombrosky has been at VEG since the beginning of 2020 and has been the medical director at VEG San Ramon since it opened. He loves being a vet because he can help people and their pets when they need it most. He really enjoys working at VEG because we are changing the face of…

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Joelle Stingone

Joelle Stingone Lv

Joelle Stingone is a veterinary nursing development manager and has been at VEG since 2020. She loves collaborating with her team to manage cases and using her emergency and critical care skills to help her patients. Her favorite thing about VEG is how they support their people so they can grow personally and professionally. She…

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Dr. Daniel York

Daniel York Lv

Daniel York has been at VEG for a year and a half, first in our new ER doctor training program and for the past year as an ER doctor. As a vet, he loves working day and night in the ER to help people and their pets and really make a difference. He also loves…

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Lizzy Blatus

Lizzy Blatus Lv

Lizzy Blatus has been an emergency veterinary nurse at VEG for four years. She loves how her job allows her to experience many different aspects of veterinary medicine, from neurology to treating exotics. Her favorite part about VEG is the balance between animal and human care. She truly appreciates every “thank you” and loves knowing…

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Dr. Anna Foster

Anna Foster Lv

Anna Foster is a veterinarian and has worked at VEG for three years. She loves being a vet because she’s able to give people the gift of having happy and healthy animals for longer. Her favorite part of VEG is how we keep people and their pets together. Anna lives in New York with her…

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Dr. Lauryn Benson

Lauryn Benson Lv

Lauryn Benson has been a medical director at VEG for three and a half years. She can’t imagine another field as rewarding as veterinary emergency—when she can help animals and their people it’s the best feeling in the world! She loves working at VEG because of the amazing culture and how fun is always celebrated—and…

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Dr. Brooke Butler

Brooke Butler Lv

Brooke Butler is VEG’s VP of Talent. In her five years at VEG, she has also worked as an emergency doctor and loves how vets are like detectives, putting together pieces of the puzzle to figure out what’s wrong with their patients. She also loves the transparency and openness of VEG, and how keeping people…

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