Can Dogs Drink Beer?

Dr. Benjamin Kagan

Feb 28, 2022

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Have you ever wondered whether or not it’s safe for dogs to have beer? Do you notice your dog becoming more and more interested when you have an alcoholic drink? What can happen to a dog that drinks beer? If you’ve ever asked yourself, “can dogs drink beer?” then you’ll find all the answers and information you’ll need in this article.

The short answer is that no, your dog should never be allowed to drink beer. But there’s more to the topic than just this statement, and it’s important to brush up on everything you can learn regarding your pet’s health and wellness too.

Read through the article below to find out more about what happens if a dog drinks beer.

Why Do Dogs Like Beer?

Many dogs seem to be overly interested in beer and other alcoholic drinks when their human family members have them. There are a few different schools of thought as to why this happens.

Beer Has a Sweet Taste

One common belief is that dogs like the taste of beer because it is sweet. Dogs are interested in eating and drinking sweet things, just like humans are, and the sweetness of alcohol is enticing to them.

Dogs Like the Smell of Beer

Another possible reason why dogs like the taste of beer has more to do with its smell. Dogs may notice the subtle aromas underneath the smell of the alcohol itself, and they may want to taste the source of those smells.

Dogs Like Beer Because Their Human Family Does

Finally, some dogs may be more interested in beer because they want whatever their human family members have. Dogs who frequently beg for your food and drinks are more prone to trying to drink your beer as well. These dogs may need to be crated or kept in another room while you’re having alcoholic beverages, if they may risk sneaking a taste.

What are Some Common Dog Alcohol Poisoning Symptoms?

Now that we’ve talked about the answer to the question, “can dogs drink beer?” and went over some of the reasons why dogs may like beer so much, it’s important to know the symptoms of alcohol poisoning in dogs should your dog accidentally ingest alcohol.

If you notice any of the symptoms below, or if you know your dog drank beer or any other type of alcoholic beverage, you should contact an emergency vet right away so your pet gets the care they need to recover.

Below are 4 dog alcohol poisoning symptoms to look out for:


One of the first signs of alcohol poisoning in dogs is vomiting.

If your dog vomits once and shows no other symptoms, then he will probably be fine; however, if he vomits multiple times or vomits along with other symptoms on this list, he needs to see an emergency vet.

Disorientation and Lack of Coordination

The longer the problem persists, the more restless and disoriented your dog may become. He may seem confused, with apparent loss of coordination that can range from just being wobbly to being unable to walk. Panting and drooling may be noted secondarily as altered mental states can be very distressing for pets.

These signs mean the poisoning is worsening, and you should take your dog to the emergency vet if you notice these symptoms as well.

Tremors and Seizures

Finally, in severe cases of alcohol poisoning, dogs may suffer from muscle tremors and seizures.

If your dog is showing these symptoms, he is very severely affected by alcohol poisoning and needs emergency vet care right away. Intoxication on this level, if left untreated, can progress further to coma and even death in rare cases.

How Can You Help Prevent Your Dog from Drinking Beer?

Now that you know that the answer to “can dogs drink beer?” is no, you may be wondering what you can do to help prevent them from consuming alcohol in the first place.

Here are some tips to consider when trying to help prevent your dog from drinking beer:

Put Your Dog in Another Room or in His Crate

If you frequently have a drink to relax at night or with dinner, consider putting your dog in another room or in his crate until you’ve finished drinking.

Keep Your Beer or Alcohol Stored Away from Your Dog

When you purchase alcohol or open a new bottle, keep it stored carefully away from your dog in the refrigerator or on a shelf that is tall enough he can’t reach it.

Do Not Leave Alcoholic Drinks Unattended

Dogs are ninjas. Stepping away for just a few minutes is all it takes. Bring your drinks with you when you leave the room and make sure you clean up after yourself.

Put Your Beer in a Glass with a Lid

You may also want to consider drinking beer out of a glass with a lid—as silly as that may sound, it can prevent your dog from accessing your drink. 

Pay Attention to Your Dog When Other People are Over

Be sure you pay attention to your dog when you’ve got guests over, too. If you’re planning a party or get-together that will involve some alcoholic beverages, you may once again need to put your dog in another room to keep him away from the beer. Your dog may be happier away from the chaos of a party, anyway, so it’s a win-win!

These may seem like simple steps, but they can go a long way toward protecting your dog from the effects and symptoms of alcohol poisoning.

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