can dogs eat grapes

Can My Dog Eat Grapes?

Dr. Liz Moses

Oct 24, 2023

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Grapes are such a sweet treat for humans yet a toxic nightmare for canines. Ingesting just one grape can cause kidney issues to develop within 24 hours. While experts don’t know the exact cause or quantity that can be harmful, we do know that as little as 5 or 6 grapes can cause acute kidney injury, especially in small dogs. Here, we’ll discuss the signs to look out for and why you should bring your dog in if you suspect they’ve eaten, well, a forbidden fruit.

What Kinds of Grapes are Toxic to Dogs?

Don’t let those cotton candy grapes fool you, they’re just as toxic to dogs as green, purple, or any flavorful hybrids. It also doesn’t matter if seedless or not, they’re simply all toxic to dogs. Raisins pose an even greater danger, perhaps due to their higher concentration of the compound that is toxic to dogs.

Signs of Grape Toxicity:

Don’t delay and bring your dog to VEG or your nearest emergency veterinarian if you suspect they’ve gotten into some grapes. Here are some signs to look out for:

Treatment for Grape Ingestion

When you bring your dog to VEG for suspected grape ingestion, there are common practices in place to triage and treat your dog. Be sure to let us know how many grapes (if you know) and how long ago it may have happened. First, we’ll most likely induce vomiting. We may give your dog diuresis medication; a fluid therapy to dilute the toxin. Depending on how many grapes were ingested and what symptoms the patient is presenting, your dog may be hospitalized for observation, which will include monitoring kidney values.

What Causes Grapes to be Toxic to Dogs?

Surprisingly, after decades of research, there is still no clear answer to the age-old question: Why can’t dogs have grapes? Maybe it’s the flavonoids that canines cannot metabolize. Or tannins. Or monosaccharides. Tartaric acid is frequently brought up as a lethal suspect, but so far, no final answer. All we know is that grapes spell a bunch of big trouble for dogs and any pup suspected of eating even one should be brought to the ER asap.

Contact Your Local VEG for All Pet Emergencies

Just like with water submersion, you might think your dog is okay after eating grapes, but they can show fatal symptoms much later. Contact VEG if your pet needs emergency or urgent care. We have locations all over the country with emergency vets who are available 24/7 to help you and your pet. When you come to VEG, our emergency-trained team will triage your pet within seconds.