Dog Bit By Another Dog

What To Do If Your Dog Was Bit by Another Dog

Dr. Ellie Sheahan

Sep 21, 2023

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Dogs are naturally social creatures, and interacting with other dogs forms a crucial part of their socialization process. However, it’s also a fact that these interactions can sometimes lead to altercations, and your dog could potentially get bitten. As dog owners, it is our responsibility to know what to do if your dog was bit by another dog and understand the importance of swift, professional veterinary care.

Understanding the Potential Risks of a Dog Bite

Dog bites can be more serious than they initially seem. Because of the way dogs fight, they tend to both tear and crush tissues, which can cause deeper muscle and blood vessel damage than what can be initially seen on the surface. Beyond the visible wound, a bite can also lead to complications such as infections, disease transmission, or even psychological trauma for your pet. Bacteria in a dog’s mouth can rapidly infect a bite wound, leading to dangerous conditions like cellulitis or sepsis. Moreover, if the attacking dog is not up-to-date on vaccinations, diseases like rabies could be a concern.

The Immediate Steps After Your Dog Gets Bitten

If your dog has been bitten, stay calm and try not to panic. It’s important not to attempt any in-home treatments; instead, focus on safely controlling the situation and preparing to consult a professional. If possible, isolate your dog from the other dog to prevent further injuries and stress.

Avoid touching the wound directly to minimize the risk of further infection. Instead, you can try to gently clean the area around the wound with warm water and a clean cloth if your dog allows it. Never use topical products such as antibiotic creams or give over the counter human pain medications to your pet!

While looking your dog over after the bite, check for signs of serious injury such as deep wounds, excessive bleeding, difficulty breathing, or signs of shock like pale gums and rapid heart rate. These could indicate a medical emergency. All dog bites warrant veterinary intervention, but some wounds can be significantly more of an emergency than others. 

The Importance of Contacting a Veterinary Professional

It’s crucial to contact a veterinary professional immediately after your dog was bit by another dog, even if the injury seems minor. A veterinarian can properly clean and treat the wound, prescribe necessary antibiotics, and monitor your dog for potential complications.

When it comes to your pet’s health, choosing the right veterinary service is paramount. Veterinary Emergency Group (VEG) is a trusted name in pet health, offering comprehensive emergency veterinary services. With a commitment to providing compassionate, high-quality care, VEG is ready to assist your pet in their time of need.

Preventive Measures to Protect Your Dog from Future Bites

Preventing future incidents is as crucial as addressing the current one. You can reduce the risk of your dog being bitten by ensuring they’re properly socialized, carefully supervising their interactions with other dogs, and keeping them on a leash in public places.

Remember, even the most well-behaved dog can get into an altercation, and being prepared is the best way to protect your pet. Knowledge is the key to being a responsible dog owner, and understanding what to do if your dog is bitten can potentially save your pet’s life.

Always try to stay calm and act quickly in the event of a dog bite. Immediate contact with a veterinary professional like those at VEG is crucial to ensure your dog receives the best care. Your pet’s health and safety is our utmost priority. For more information please don’t hesitate to call one of our locations.