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Like many people, you want to help animals in need. Now, imagine that you can play a part in bringing life-saving care to pets in need in your community. Sounds amazing, right? Well, Veterinary Emergency Group (VEG) imagined this too, and then made it happen with VEG Cares.

VEG Cares is VEG’s philanthropy that provides relief to many customers who cannot pay for their pet’s medical treatment. Our hospitals have saved over 600 animal lives since the philanthropy’s inception in 2019. Over the past year, that’s one pet life saved every single day at a VEG hospital!


VEG doctors and nurses want to give every pet the care they need, when they need it. With VEG Cares donations, they can, because 100% of VEG Cares donations go directly to help make life-saving treatments possible.

We never want to turn away customers because they cannot afford care. Through donations from local families, fundraisers, and partners, VEG doctors and nurses are empowered to make the best decision possible about each patient’s care. The VEG Cares program allows our staff to say “YES!” to treatment that could save lives.

VEG Cares donated funds kick in to help:

  • your neighbor’s dog, who needs urgent heart surgery that his owner can’t afford
  • a cat from a local rescue, who needs oxygen treatment to survive
  • a local family that has fallen on hard times and can’t pay for their pet’s care
  • pets whose families were victims of natural disasters

…and so many other circumstances where finances are unavailable for care.


Even the most loving pet parents sometimes fall on hard times and they cannot cover the cost of treatment. That’s where you can be a hero. A VEG Cares donation allows pet lovers like you to show support to fellow pet parents in their community. Every donation goes directly toward paying for a pet’s medical bill.


VEG is deeply invested in VEG Cares. We choose one day every year to donate 50% of hospital proceeds to VEG Cares. The other 50% is donated to local charities of each hospital’s choosing. This is one example of how VEG is committed to its mission of helping people and their pets when they need it most.


If you are interested in helping to save animal lives in your community, make a donation today to VEG Cares. We truly believe VEG Cares is one of the best philanthropic efforts you can support because of its direct impact. Remember, every dollar donated goes directly toward paying the medical bill of a pet in need.

To donate, visit and choose the hospital where you want to designate your contribution. Donations are tax-deductible. You can also learn more about VEG Cares HERE. VEG Cares works in partnership with the 501(c)(3) Veterinary Care Foundation (VCF).


Star was a 5-month-old pit bull who was brought to VEG on a Sunday afternoon. The owner said that Star “may have been hit by a car over 24 hours ago.” Upon physical examination, Star was scared, and not able to move her front or rear limbs. She couldn’t even lift her head. Anywhere you touched her, she would cringe in pain. Her bladder was severely distended and she was dehydrated.

An IV catheter was placed and she was given pain medication and fluids. After a few hours of conversation with the owner about treatment options, and a phone consultation with a neurologist, the unimaginable happened: the owner left and never returned.

We took the proper steps for an abandoned animal. An MRI of Star’s spine revealed several vertebral fractures, which we determined were likely signs of abuse rather than a car accident. Star received our best around-the-clock care, including IVF, infusions of Fentanyl, muscle relaxers,… you get the picture. Plus, daily trips to a nearby hospital for laser therapy and visits from a traveling physical therapist, who donated her time to work with Star.

Everyone at VEG fell in love with Star. Within weeks, she was showing signs of improvement: attempting to stand on her own, sitting up, and occasionally wagging her tail. She developed PARVO, which was a setback. But, pit bulls are known for their tenacity and after about a week, Star was on the road to recovery!

Fast forward to today—Star is 8 months old, and actually RUNNING around in the backyard with her housemates, and is finally a healthy, happy puppy. VEG would not have been able to save Star without assistance from VEG Cares. Her story is truly a testament to the love and compassion that VEG spreads throughout the community. VEG Cares is the reason Star is alive and happy today. 

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