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The Perfect Partnership: VEG Charlotte & GoodVets Montford

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Dec 29, 2023

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If you look in the front window of GoodVets Montford, an animal hospital in Charlotte, NC, you’ll see a sign pointing customers to VEG Charlotte for after-hours emergency care. VEG Charlotte is open 24 hours, seven days a week, so when GoodVets is closed, the six-minute drive is quick and convenient for customers experiencing an emergency with their pets. But the partnership between GoodVets Montford and VEG Charlotte is based on much more than convenience. It’s a relationship built on common values, trust, and a true desire to help one another.

Dr. Samantha Stanley opened GoodVets Montford in September 2022, about a month after the opening of VEG Charlotte, run by Dr. Ashley Gray. The two DVMs met earlier that summer and stayed in touch after realizing they had a lot in common, both as business owners in vet med and parents of young children. Soon after opening, GoodVets Montford started referring patients to VEG for emergency care and the partnership has been seamless ever since.

“VEG handles every case with a lot of grace and compassion,” said Dr. Stanley. “They treat our customers the way we do. We also like their focus on education and the prep they give their ER doctors. They’re well equipped to handle anything we throw at them.”

Good communication is a huge part of veterinary medicine and a highlight of the relationship between VEG and GoodVets. When one of her patients is at VEG, Dr. Stanley calls to check in and discuss the case, and Dr. Gray will always reach out if there’s an issue. When a patient is discharged, records are emailed over right away. It also helps that customers are equally as happy with the care their pets receive at VEG.

“Our customers like the open concept hospital and that wait times are quicker than other places,” remarked Dr. Stanley. “If there are any issues at all, VEG works to make it right. Our focus is very similar. We both strive for client happiness.”

A great example of this is how after treating a serious case, GoodVets Montford can send pets to VEG for overnight monitoring. It’s a perk that not only helps their clients, but also makes GoodVets doctors feel better that their patients are being closely watched after major surgery. Everyone wins, especially the customer!

Beyond partnering on surgeries and other emergency procedures, when Dr. Stanley discharges surgery patients, she makes sure pet owners have VEG’s number in case they have questions after hours. In fact, when GoodVets is closed, all calls that come in are forwarded to VEG Charlotte. She appreciates that you can always call VEG and speak to a doctor, which gives Dr. Stanley and her clients the much-needed peace of mind they need when pets are recovering.

“I’m thankful for our partnership,” she shared. I can call if I want another opinion on a case and it’s nice to have another professional to bounce questions off of. VEG is not just supporting our patients; they’re supporting us as veterinarians.”