What To Expect At Veg

What to Expect at VEG

Veterinary Emergency Group

Jun 29, 2023

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You can never plan for an emergency, but wouldn’t it be amazing if you could? You want to know where to go and that once you get there, your pet will be seen right away by a highly skilled veterinary doctor who shows real compassion. That’s exactly what you can expect at Veterinary Emergency Group, better known as VEG. At VEG, all we do is emergency, so we do it best. Read on to learn what to expect at VEG.

Highly Trained Doctors and Nurses

Our doctors and nurses go through intense ER training to handle any pet emergency that comes through our doors. Literally. From a dog with dehydration,to a bunny with a bite wound, to a ferret with a fracture, our veterinary professionals spring into action with medical excellence and an elevated level of care like no other. And the care all happens within an open floor plan hospital, it’s not always glamorous but you see all the ER heroics up close and have a deeper appreciation of emergency services for pets!

24/7 Care 

VEG has thought of everything to make an emergency less stressful. You can call 24/7 with a medical question and speak with a doctor who has the answers. When you get to the hospital, you see a doctor who will triage your pet right away. And perhaps the biggest relief is that you can stay with your pet the entire time. You can even watch a surgery or stay overnight with your pet. Because you’re by your pet’s side throughout treatment, the doctor or nurse can show you how to change a bandage or dispense medicine so you’re prepared when you get home.

What Sets VEG Apart

Here’s what else sets us apart: we’re not only trained for medical excellence; we deliver an elevated level of care. Our staff (VEGgies!) really have a passion for what we do and it shows. We’re real lovers of the animals, birds, and yep, even the rodents that they care for. So, if you need to leave your pet at any time, you have peace of mind that they’re in good hands—actually the best hands you could ever hope for.

Expect the Best Care Possible When You Bring Your Pet to VEG

At VEG, we’re 100% transparent when it comes to the cost of care. We’ll have an open conversation with you about treatment options and what they cost. Rest assured, we’ll only perform treatment and testing that’s needed, because no one likes surprises when it comes to their bill. A savings account just for your pet’s health care is one way to be prepared for emergencies and anything else that comes along. We believe the joy of owning a pet shouldn’t break the bank, that’s why we also accept payment options like CareCredit and Scratchpay. Oh, and when you visit VEG, come prepared with your general veterinarian’s name and contact info because we’ll share your pet’s medical record, any follow-up care plans, or test results with them for a seamless customer experience. That’s just one more reason that VEG is exactly what you want when the unexpected happens.