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10 Common Pet Emergencies in Seattle, WA

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Jan 12, 2024

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Oh, what lucky pets who live in Seattle! This famed region has grown more popular for pet owners. In fact, in 2023, the Seattle area made the top 5 for most dog-friendly in Washington state! What’s more, pet owners have a top-notch veterinary emergency hospital in Seattle ready for anything—Veterinary Emergency Group (VEG) Seattle. At VEG, we see a lot of pet emergencies in the Seattle area. Let’s grab a coffee and discuss the ten most common!

1. Oops, I ate it again

Accidental ingestion of toxins is tops on our list. Seattle’s natural beauty comes with hidden dangers like toxic plants and chemicals. Dogs are curious creatures and may scarf down harmful substances such as chocolate, coffee, foods containing xylitol (usually found in sugar-free candy and gum), or household cleaners. Symptoms can range from vomiting to seizures. If you suspect your dog has consumed something toxic, contact VEG Seattle immediately.

2. The streets where you live

Seattle’s city’s terrain and bustling streets can be hazardous for pets. Dogs can suffer trauma from falls or get hit by vehicles, leading to broken bones or internal injuries. If your dog is in an accident or fall, look out for limping, reluctance to move, or labored breathing. Immediate medical attention at VEG Seattle is crucial.

3. Dog park dangers

Dog fights and animal bites happen to pets more than you realize. Seemingly mild interactions with other animals, especially in dog parks or on trails, can lead to big injuries. Puncture wounds can be more serious than they appear, as they can be deceptively deep or lead to infection. It’s important to get these assessed at VEG Seattle to prevent infection and assess for deeper tissue damage.

4. The buzz about allergies

Dogs can have allergic reactions to anything from food to bee stings. The Pacific Northwest is known for bee-attracting plants and flowers like yarrow, catmint, and delphinium. Symptoms like swelling, hives, and difficulty breathing require immediate veterinary care. VEG Seattle has the expertise to manage these reactions effectively. Bring your pet to our vet and we’ll assess the situation immediately.

5. Seattle, that sunny city?

Seattle is well known for its fair amount of rain, but in summer months, temps can spike into the 90’s. It’s important to know that even mild summer weather can pose a risk of heatstroke, particularly for brachycephalic breeds like bulldogs. Signs include:

  • excessive panting
  • drooling
  • lethargy

Immediate cooling and veterinary intervention are necessary. Call VEG or come right in; we’ll triage your pet on the spot; no waiting.

6. Neurological nemesis

Unexplained seizures can be terrifying to witness, but it’s important to stay calm and seek immediate help. Seizures can be a sign of neurological issues, and VEG Seattle’s team is equipped to diagnose and manage seizure disorders and we’ll even do our best to calm the pet owner throughout the visit.

7. Bloated belly blues

This life-threatening condition, more common in large breeds, involves the stomach filling with gas and twisting. Symptoms include a swollen abdomen and distress. This is a veterinary emergency requiring immediate intervention at VEG Seattle.

8. The troubling ins & outs of the airway

Difficulty breathing is a form of respiratory distress that can stem from heart disease, lung problems, or even allergic reactions. Watch for:

  • rapid breathing
  • coughing
  • blue gums

VEG Seattle offers advanced diagnostic tools to pinpoint the cause of breathing problems in your pet and provide treatment.

9. In the blink of an eye

Seattle’s outdoor activities like hiking around branches and forest brush can lead to eye injuries. This happens quickly and you may not notice at first. Eye irritant or ocular injury symptoms like these should not be ignored:

  • Redness
  • Tearing
  • Pawing at the eye

VEG Seattle is here 24/7 to provide urgent care, and can prevent long-term damage to your pet’s eyes.

10. Problems with pet peeing

Difficulty urinating or blood in urine can indicate a urinary tract infection or blockage in pets. This can be painful and dangerous, especially in male dogs. VEG Seattle provides emergency care to alleviate pain and treat the underlying cause.

Call Veterinary Emergency Group – Seattle

In Seattle, pet emergencies can arise from our unique environment and active lifestyles. Knowing what to look out for and having a plan can make all the difference. Veterinary Emergency Group (VEG) Seattle is here to provide compassionate, expert care and help you and your pet experience less stress during emergencies. Your pet will be seen immediately and you never have to leave their side. If you notice your pet is in distress: call VEG Seattle at 564.888.4898. Our team is here to support you, your dog, cat, or exotic pet, ensuring they get back to enjoying the beautiful Seattle life as quickly as possible. Looking for other Washington state emergency veterinarians? We’ve got you covered. VEG is open 24/7 in our Lynnwood and Redmond, WA emergency animal hospitals too!