Emergency Vet and Urgent Care in Seattle, WA

Welcome to VEG Seattle!

Sometimes it’s obvious when your pet needs immediate help. But sometimes they just seem “off.” That’s where our emergency vets in Seattle come in. From vomiting to complex surgeries, we treat emergency and urgent care needs for all kinds of pets—even avians and exotics! Discover the VEG difference, with our open floor plan hospitals, pet-parent participation, and an emergency-focused team that’s always ready to expect the unexpected.

Our Seattle, WA pet emergency hospital is located within minutes of Capitol Hill, Shoreline, and Tacoma. VEG Seattle is accessible via 15th Ave., between W Howe St. and W Blaine St.

Parking for our Seattle pet hospital is convenient, with a large lot and accessible parking spaces right outside our front entrance. If you need assistance getting your pet into the hospital, call ahead—one of our VEGgies will meet you at the door. Your pet will receive urgent vet care and you never have to leave their side.

Dr. Andrew Rocco

Medical Director VEG Seattle

More locations near you

VEG Redmond

Dr. Melanie Bowden

Medical Director VEG Redmond

VEG Lynnwood

Dr. Nina Griffin

Medical Director VEG Lynnwood

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Why Choose VEG customer-focused veterinary emergency care

Call Us 24/7

Call Us 24/7

Pet emergencies shouldn’t be put on hold. Call and speak with a veterinarian to get your medical questions answered.

See a Vet Now

See a Vet Now

No appointment needed, come in 24/7. Emergency vet care starts the moment you walk in the door.

Stay Together

Stay Together

No waiting and wondering in a lobby. Stay with your pet the entire time and get as involved as you like in their care.

Stress Less

Stress Less

At VEG, we make a scary situation less stressful. We sit on the floor with your pet, or wherever they’re most comfortable.

Call & Speak with a doctor Open 24/7,  Even Holidays!

Walk in for:



High-quality critical care for when the unexpected happens.


Point-of-Care Ultrasound

Non-invasive, soft-tissue imaging with same-day results.


Urgent Care

For injuries or illnesses that simply cannot wait.



Performed on site to immediately diagnose fractures, stones, foreign ingestions, and more. 


Diagnostics + Testing

Done right in our hospital for less wait time and fast results. 


End-of-Life Care

Comfortable, compassionate care during the most difficult time.



A high-quality veterinarian is on site for emergency operations.


Treatment + Hospitalization

Care starts right away; if your pet needs to stay overnight, you can too.

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Call & Speak with a doctor Open 24/7,  Even Holidays!